Essentials For All Singers 


This is a comprehensive singing course designed both for beginners who would like to learn to sing correctly, and for singers who need reminders of basic elements that will further improve their vocal technique. Our secrets and advice are laid out for you in this easy-to-follow singing course!

Why Singing?

  • Singing has a whole range of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits.

  • Singing is a 'happy pill' that is both positive and uplifting, whether you sing with others or solo.

  • Whether you are forming a bond with other people or your religious beliefs, singing can help with the process.

  • From the health perspective, there are numerous benefits, including cardiovascular and respiratory fitness.

  • Singing can improve your sleep patterns, relieve depression and significantly reduce stress levels.

  • Studies have shown that your brain function will improve when you sing, particularly memory function.

  • Singing can lower your blood pressure and even block pain.

  • Intelligence and energy levels can be positively affected by singing, as well as enhanced levels of focus.

  • Studies have shown that in a NICU, ailing enfants respond well to music and singing.

  • Singing has been shown to be an amazing social connector.

Whatever your reasons for learning to sing correctly, the fact remains that when we sing we change the world around us, and begin to feel good about the world and ourselves!

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