'Essentials For All Singers' Course Summary*

Complete with Video, Audio, Images and Text

*Please note: This course summary  is just a brief outline  of the FULL course, emphasizing the importance of learning to breathe correctly for singing.

It doesn't cover other topics found in the complete course available to paid members, such as learning a song, building confidence, how to maintain correct pitch, and putting into practice what you learn by working on recommended songs throughout the full course.


  • You'll learn to use all the tools at your disposal to help you become a real singer.

  • We focus on mastering your breathing technique with simple but really effective exercises. This is critical to being able to control your voice, build your stamina, and improve your range and sound quality.


  • We count and track your breathing throughout the action packed sessions, culminating in actually doubling your breathing endurance by the time you reach the last Session!

  • You'll learn how words work and their importance when singing any song.


  • We train you to articulate the words of each song so that the listener can understand the meaning and intention of the song.

  • Our unique use  of tongue twisters will exercise your tongue, lips and jaw so that you can pronounce song lyrics more clearly.

  • We talk about your vocal range and how to use your upper/lower range effectively.

  • If you complete the entire course which covers all the basics of singing, you'll be able to sing correctly, and are ready to take the next step.