Singing Course Summary*

With Video, Audio, Images and Text

* Please note: This course summary  is just a brief outline  of the FULL course, emphasizing the importance of learning to breathe correctly. It doesn't cover other topics found in the complete course, such as learning a song, building confidence and putting into practice what you learn by singing recommended songs throughout the sessions.

Session  #1

The critical importance of air to singers, correct posture and breathing preparation.

Session #2

Your diaphragm and how it works. How to start strengthening tummy muscles to gain more control.

Session #3

About words and how to form them when singing. Exploring your mobile tools.

Session #4

Introducing  the Breathing Pyramid System at 12 counts, Tummy muscle strengthening.

Session #5

Breathing Pyramid work. How to learn a song the right way. Tummy muscle workouts.

Session #6

Breathing Pyramids. Tongue twisters.

Session #7

Tummy muscle workouts. Work on Breathing Pyramids. Solving the mysteries of vowels & consonants.

Session #9

Advanced Breathing Pyramid. End of Stage One tummy muscle strengthening. Some timely tips.

Session #8

 Vowels and consonants Part II. Breathing Pyramid. Tongue twister review.

Session #10

Intermediate diaphragm exercises. Higher level Breathing Pyramid. Extra tongue twisters.

Session #11

Vocal Registers - low and upper. Exercises to develop low register.

Session #12

24 count Breathing Pyramid. Low & Upper register exercises. Tongue twisters.